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Samoa DNA (Designated National Authority)

Government of Samoa


Samoa has decided to establish a Designated National Authority (DNA) to facilitate national participation in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol (KP) mainly by issuing Letters of Approval (LOA) for CDM projects that comply with the established sustainability criteria of Samoa. This website intends to assist the implementing agencies and bodies as well as project owners of potential CDM projects or any other interested party or individuals in accessing all necessary information on administrative procedures, obligatory templates for requesting Letters of No Objection (LON) and Letters of Approval, both documents being the essential outputs from the DNA. By establishing the DNA Samoa joins a community of more than 180 other DNAs established by parties to the KP in order to facilitate each country’s participation in the Clean Development Mechanism, it be as buyer or as seller country. The information given in this website is targeted directly towards the procedures to be followed when administrating the Samoan DNA. Information on general and specific rules and procedures to be followed in order to obtain international registration (by the Executive Board of the CDEM, EB CDM) of CDM projects, monitoring of achieved reductions of carbon emissions and issuance of certified establishing CDM projects in Samoa is significant compared to the size of the population and the size of the energy sector. On the other side the total number of projects is expected to be limited. As will be explained in the following chapters the roles of the DNA in the process of developing a CDM project is rather limited, and the development of procedures for the Samoan DNA has been aiming at keeping the overall administrative burden at an appropriate level. Basically the role of the DNA is to decide if Samoa wants to support a given project in achieving registration as a CDM project or not by issuing an LOA. The decision will be based on an evaluation of whether or not the project contributes to the sustainable development of Samoan, using Samoan standard for the perception of the term.