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Energy Stakeholders

Government of Samoa

Energy stakeholders is basically everyone however the key stakeholders. However, the Ministry of Finance develops the National Energy Policy and coordinates its implementation. A Strategic Action plan was developed in 2008.   To better coordinate the energy activities, a National Energy Coordinating Committee will be established soon to review, assess and approve all energy proposals for implementation. 

List of Stakeholders

  • Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
  • Ministry of Police
  • Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure
  • Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
  • Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development
  • Samoa Fire and Emergency Services Authority
  • Ministry of Customs and Revenue
  • Samoa Trust Estate Corporation
  • Attorney General’s Office
  • Land Transport Authority
  • Samoa Airport Authority
  • Samoa Water Authority
  • Electric Power Corporation
  • Samoa Shipping Corporation
  • Samoa Ports Authority
  • Samoa Tourism Authority
  • Council of Churches
  • Le Siosiomaga Society
  • METI
  • Faasao Savaii
  • Komiti Tumama
  • National Council of Women
  • Women in Business
  • Samoa Breweries
  • Samoa Chamber of Commerce
  • Samoa Association of Manufacturer’s and Exporters Incorporated
  • Small Business Enterprise Centre
  • Samoa Hotel Association
  • Samoa Visitors Association
  • Samoa Farmers Association
  • Fishermen Association
  • The Commercial Banks
  • All Petrol Service Station Owners/Operators
  • All Airlines
  • Petroleum Products Supplies Ltd
  • BOC Gases
  • Origin Energy
  • Pacific Oil Ltd
  • Paradise Oil Ltd