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Government of Samoa


The Ministry of Finance has overall responsibility for the public sector procurement system, as well as direct responsibility for developing public sector procurement policy, procedures and documentation, informing legislation and monitoring the effectiveness of the implementation of the policy. As such, the Minister of Finance and Financial Secretary have specific obligations and responsibilities under the Act and Instructions.


The Procurement Division is part of the Operational Management Department of the Ministry of Finance.

Functions of the Procurement Division

Whilst under the overall direction of the Financial Secretary or the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Finance, the Procurement Division functions include but are not limited to the following:

General* Develop and Review Public Procurement Policy
Tenders Board* Provide Policy advice and advise the Board on Improvement measures;
* Provide Administrative and Secretarial Support for the Tenders Board Weekly meetings;
* Assist in implementing decisions and directives issued by the Tenders Board
Procuring Agencies* Develop and Deliver training programs to build capacity within Implementing Agencies;
* Monitor the application of Government Procurement Policies and Principles particularly to ensure compliance with legal framework;
* Provide technical advice to assist Procuring Agencies with their Procurement
Independent Adjudicator* Provide Administrative and Secretarial Support to the Independent Adjudicator

Contact Details

Telephone: (685) 34319, 34418, 34420. Email: procurement@mof.gov.ws

MAPS Assessment

A self-assessment of the National Procurement System was carried out. The assessment uses as its reference point the Methodology for Assessing Procurement Systems (MAPS) developed under the auspices of the OECD/DAC. The purpose of this assessment is to provide basis upon which a country can formulate a capacity development plan to improve its procurement system.

The validated report and outcome can be downloaded below:

MAPS Assessment 2014


The Government Tenders Board is constituted under the Act Part XII s.88 and reports to the Cabinet. Their functions are as specified in Part XII s.89 of the Act.

The Tenders Board of the Government of Samoa consists of the following members:

  • Hon. Minister of Finance (Chairman)
  • Hon. Minister of Works, Transport & Infrastructure (Deputy Chairman)
  • Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Finance
  • Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Works Transport & Infrastructure
  • Attorney General


The Independent Adjudicator is appointed by the Tenders Board to review an actual bidder’s application as part of the Right to Review under the Procurement Independent Complaints and Review (PICR) Procedure. An alternate Independent Adjudicator may be appointed if the Independent Adjudicator is absent, incapacitated or unable to participate for good reason. They shall hold the same level of authority as the main Independent Adjudicator and reference to the Independent Adjudicator may also be read as referring to the alternate Independent Adjudicator. Further details on the Independent Adjudicator can be found at Part K.9 (Procurement Independent Complaints and Review Procedure) of the Instructions.