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Legal Framework

Government of Samoa

Government Ministries and Public Bodies must strictly observe the following at all times when carrying out Public Procurement:

A. Public Finance Management Act 2001 (Section XII Procurement and Contracts)

B. Treasury Instructions – Section 6: Procurement & Contracting (Part K Amended 2020)

All Procuring Entities (a department as defined in the Act and the public body) shall comply with the Instructions. All Government procurement activities must be conducted in according to the Procurement Principles set out in the Instruction seeking to achieve the best value for money and not the lowest price over the life of the contract, regardless or whether or not the Instructions apply.


C. Procurement Operating Manual 2020

The Operating Manual provides practitioners and non-practitioners alike with a clear and concise guide, which is easy to read and understand. It will guide practitioners through their execution of duties, whilst being a source of information to others, for any procurement financed using public funds. The Operating Manual is not, however, designed to be the definitive guide for the practitioner.


D. B4 Schedule: Thresholds and Approvals

The Ministry of Finance through the Procurement Division has prepared the relevant thresholds in the form of Appended B4 Schedule for methods of procurement, the authorisation levels for awards of contract, the authorisation levels for signing of contracts and approval of contract payments, for the endorsement of the Board, before submission to Cabinet for final approval and issuance in a Cabinet Directive. The Board may review the thresholds and approval levels and submit the revised thresholds and approval levels to Cabinet for approval


E. Consultancy Remuneration Framework 2018

The Consultancy Remmuneration Framework 2018 is used as a guide and basis when recruiting local consultants to carry out the Government’s Consultancy Assignments and is subject for review every three (3) years.