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Procurement of Consultancy Services

Government of Samoa

Follow the Below Steps to Download the Consulting Services Request for Proposal Document

STEP 1: Defining Consulting Services

Consulting services are commonly provided by academically qualified professionals as individuals or private and public entities: for example, management and engineering consulting firms, construction and project managers, academic & research institutions, non-government organisations, and Government agencies. Such are engaged to provide specialist services to Government implementing agencies, in various areas such as policy development, project planning, auditing, procurement coordination & inspection, institutional reform, engineering design, construction supervision, social and environmental impact studies. Consultancy contracts may be either short term (e.g. up to six months) or long term (e.g. a year or more). Such services are acquired using this SRFP document.

Alternatively, general (or non-consulting) services address a wide range of more physical requirements ranging from many types of simple maintenance (grass cutting, cleaning, rubbish removal and sanitary disposal) to complex specialist testing and building assets maintenance – these are the subject of the Government Standard Tender Documents for Procurement of General Services.

If your procurement meets the above description of Consulting Services, proceed to the next Step 2 below. If not, please return to the Standard Tender Document Page.

STEP 2: Determining the Contract Value

Does your Contract Exceed SAT $50,000.00?

If “YES” Proceed to STEP 3

If “No” Proceed to Download the Documents Below


RFP – Low Value Assignments
Contract – Time Based OR
Contract – Lump Sum

STEP 3: Download Standard Bidding Document

Note that the following documents shall be used together with appropriate references to Government’s Treasury Instructions – Section 6: Procurement & Contracting (Amended 2020) and Procurement Operating Manual 2020


SECTION 1 – Letter of Invitation
SECTION 2 – Instructions to Consultants & Data Sheet
SECTION 3 – Technical Proposal Forms
SECTION 4 – Financial Proposal Forms
SECTION 5 – Terms of Reference
SECTION 6a – Contract (Time Based) OR
SECTION 6b – Contract (Lump Sum)

These standard bidding documents (SBD) for Procurement of Consultancy Services – Open Competitive Bidding have been prepared by the Ministry of Finance with the approval of the Office of the Attorney General. Their use is mandatory for the procurement of consultancy services through open competitive bidding according to the Government of Samoa Treasury Instructions Section 6 Procurement & Contracting.

Any revisions to the Instructions to Consultants or General Conditions of Contract in this SBD will require the approval of the Office of the Attorney General before the procurement may proceed.

These SBD are designed for the procurement of consultancy services which are to be financed using public funds over SAT$50,000.

These SBD can be used with the following methods of selection:

  • Quality and cost based selection (QCBS)
  • Selection under fixed budget (SFB)
  • Quality based selection (QBS)
  • Least cost selection (LCS)

Those wishing to submit comments or questions on this document or to obtain additional information are encouraged to contact:

Procurement Division

Ministry of Finance