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Procurement of Works

Government of Samoa

Follow the Below Steps to Download the Works Standard Bidding Documents

STEP 1: Defining Works

Works are generally concerned with General construction and Construction & Rehabilitation or Maintenance of Physical Infrastructure, within the General Sectors of Transportation (Roads & Bridges; Airports; Ports & Harbors) Water Supply & Sanitation; Power; Irrigation to name a few examples.

In terms of complexity, they can range from simple, labor based maintenance to more complex, capital intensive infrastructure development.

If your procurement meets the above description of Works, proceed to the next Step 2 below. If not, please return to the Standard Tender Document Page.

STEP 2: Determining the Contract Value

Does your Contract Exceed SAT $150,000.00?

YESProceed to STEP 3 below
NOProceed to the Request for Quotation Page

STEP 3: Download Standard Bidding Document

Note that the following documents shall be used together with appropriate references to Government’s Treasury Instructions – Section 6: Procurement & Contracting (Amended 2020) and Procurement Operating Manual 2020


Note that these standard bidding documents (SBD) for Procurement of Works – Open Competitive Bidding have been prepared and issued by the Ministry of Finance upon the clearance by the Attorney General’s Office (AGO). Their use is mandatory for the procurement of works through open competitive bidding according to the Government of Samoa Treasury Instructions Section 6 Procurement & Contracting.

Any substantial revisions or such that have not been pre-cleared by AGO to the Instructions to Bidders or General Conditions of Contract in this SBD will require the clearance of AGO before the procurement may proceed.

Provided that a procuring entity uses a standard template pre-cleared by AGO, there is no need for AGO’s clearance to be obtained. However, if a procuring entity wishes, AGO clearance may be obtained to confirm only that the following have been adhered to:

  • (a) in all material (significant) aspects, the Tender Documents have been followed; and
  • (b) that the conditions as specified in the Tender Data Sheet (“TDS”) are fair and equitable to all Bidders and that the Government’s interests are sufficiently protected; and
  • (c) the evaluation, eligibility and qualification criteria as specified in the Tender Documents are appropriate in accordance with the contract context and the relevant market/industry; and
  • (d) that the SCC sufficiently and adequately expand on the provisions referred to in the GCC and do not expose Government to any reasonably foreseeable risks; and
  • (e) that the SCC are sufficient and adequate in their coverage of the GCC and do not expose the Government to avoidable risk.

These SBD are designed for the procurement of works which are to be financed using public funds and valued over SAT$150,000.00

Those wishing to submit comments or questions on this document or to obtain additional information are encouraged to contact:
Procurement Division
Ministry of Finance