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System Support

Government of Samoa


The new System Support team was established under Phase II of the Public Finance Management Reform Program funded by AusAID.

The establishment of this division is critical in supporting the Integrated Government’s Financial and Payroll/HR Management Information System (Finance One – FMIS), which uses Technology One Software, as well as providing on-going support and training of users.  

Since the inception of the Finance One – FMIS in 2005, Government has been challenged with a wide range of issues and it has been the norm to outsource for assistance.  Establishing of the System Support Division has seen some of these issues efficiently remedied and providing support to users effectively.

To ensure line ministries capitalize on the use of the designed System Support team, its key functions are clearly identified below for information:

ROLES of System Support and Training Team

  • To ensure that the Government’s Financial Management Information System (FMIS), Finance One continues to be supported;
  • To efficiently and effectively maintain Finance One;
  • To efficiently and effectively monitor user level access and security controls;
  • To attend to any upgrade of Finance One;
  • Carry out procedures in relation to month end & Year-End processes;
  • Develop and write reports from the database to meet user needs;
  • Provides a help line service to respond to user problems/issues relating to the FMIS;
  • Liaise with the software provider on problems identified with the software;
  • Monitor data quality in the system, provide feedback to users and advise on additional verification checks;
  • Provide ongoing training to system users to ensure an ongoing training programme on Finance One systems is being implemented for users in central and line-Ministries;
  • Develop a framework of action for interfacing standalone systems to the centralized Finance One system; and Processing of Finance One Accounts and Request for Finance One Access (Finance One Access Application Form)