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Finance One Account Access Policy

Government of Samoa


To provide clear direction in Creating, Modification and Disabling of Finance One User Access


2.1  This policy applies to the Finance One system (FMIS).

2.2  This policy will specifically instruct FMIS Administrators on the creation, modification and disabling of Finance One User Access.


3.1  User – refers to any person who has been approved by division ACEO/Supervisor and MOF System Support Division (SSD) to qualify for a Finance One Access Account.

3.2  FMIS Administrator – refers to person/assigned to manage the Finance One System.

3.3  Division ACEO/Supervisor – refers to Corporate Services ACEO.


4.1  Eligibility for New Finance One Access Account

4.1.1  The Ministry nominates person(s) who are mandatory to have access to FMIS.

4.1.2  The nominee must fill in a FMIS Application Form.  The Form must be fully completed with the Ministry Corporate Services ACEO signature of approval.

4.2  Endorsing New Finance One Access Account

4.2.1  Final decision of creating a New Finance One Access Account must be endorsed by a FMIS Administrator.

4.2.2  New user must complete an introduction training given by SSD before releasing of user log-in details.

4.2.3  FMIS Administrator must verify that the user applying for New Finance One Access Account does not have an existing access in the FMIS.

4.2.4  Division ACEO/Supervisor must notify the SSD of employment status of the user whether; it is demotion, promotion or transfer between Ministries for appropriate action.

4.2.5  Part-time employees and Consultants must provide information on access duration, or else access will automatically expire after 90 days, unless an earlier date is indicated.

4.3  Usernames for Ministry of Finance (MOF) Network Access and Finance One Access Account

4.3.2  Username for Finance One is comprised of the first three letters in the first and last name with 01 appended in the end.  eg. Ioane Simi username will be IOASIM01

4.3.3  Possibly there will be cases where several users share the same first three letters of first and last names.  To distinquish different users, the next consecutive number will be appended in the end of his/her username.  eg. Ioata Simeti’s username will be IOASIM02.

4.4 Password

4.4.1  A user will be assigned two (2) passwords, one for accessing MOF Network and the other for accessing the FMIS.

4.4.2  Once logged in, user will be asked to change his/her passwords.

4.4.3  Password must be a minimum of 8 characters to a maximum of 16 characters.

4.4.4  FMIS Administrators must not reveal the initial password of the user to anyone else but the user.

4.4.5  Users who have forgotten their passwords may ask for their password to be reset.  SSD reserves the right to question the user’s identification for clarity.

4.4.6  Reset password once logged into either the MOF Network or FMIS.

4.4.7  Under no circumstance, should the user reveal his/her password to anyone.

4.5  Request for User Role Access Account Modification

4.5.1  Change of Role Option – user must filled in a new FMIS Application Form, verifying reasons why new Role Options should be added or altered in user profile and must be approved by Division ACEO/Supervisor.

4.5.2  At any time the following official personnel can request for changes to be made to a user’s Finance One Access Account; the Ministry’s divisional ACEO/Supervisor and CEO.  As Finance One Access Account is a Government asset, such requests are perfectly valid.

4.5.3  The FMIS Administrator should consult the MOF IT and Ministry ACEO Corporate first before implementing any changes.

4.6  Request for Change

4.6.1  FMIS Administrators must maintain documentation of any written request to modify a Finance One Access Account.

4.6.2  For minor requests of changes from users, such as password resets.  SSD reserves the right to question the user’s identification for clarity to maintain transparency that it is the user who made the request for change.

4.6.3  FMIS Administrator must send a confirmation note (e-mail or written) to the user, after making necessary modification, to confirm that the changes in question have been implemented.

4.7  Disabling of Finance One Access Account

4.7.1  A Finance One Access Account shall be disabled for any of the following reasons:

  • Written notification by the Ministry ACEO for Corporate Service Division that the user is no longer working for their Ministry
  • Written notification by the MOF Assistant CEO for System Support Division or his/her alternate prior to Officially Disabling Finance One Access Account
  • Accounts that hasn’t been accessed for more than four (4) months after confirmation from Ministries ACEO for Corporate Service Division.  In addition to this, SSD should notify the MOF IT Division to disable Terminal Access for users.


The FMIS Administrators, Users and Division ACEO/Supervisors are responsible for implementing this policy.


Violation of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of the user access.